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Dental Hygiene

cleaningProfessional dental cleanings are important not only for looks but general health too. Studies have linked gum disease to infection, heart disease and strokes. A cleaning and a check up at our Hillsborough, New Jersey office will prevent these problems and provide all the benefits below.

No out of pocket expense for your cleaning

Most dental insurance pays for most or all of the cost of cleanings because they know it is the best way to prevent other costly and painful dental problems. Make sure to take advantage of all of your insurance benefits!

Prevent Bad Breath

Professional dental cleanings will remove the plaque and bacteria that cause halitosis and bad breath. If you have bad breath getting your teeth cleaned may make a huge difference!

Prevent Tooth Loss

Early detection of cavities and gum disease ensures that any problems can be treated quickly and easily. If cavities go untreated they may result in root canals and removal and replacement of teeth may become the only option.

Prevent Oral Cancer

Someone dies of oral cancer every hour in the United States despite oral cancer being highly treatable if diagnosed early. The team at Dental Care Hillsborough will do an oral cancer screening as part of your visit.

Have a Bright and White Smile

A dental cleaning can remove many of the stains from tobacco, coffee and tea.